The best dwelling house in the state, except that of Monticello... I have fixed myself comfortably, keep some books here, bring others occasionally... am in the solitude of a hermit... 

I continue in the enjoyment of good health, take some exercise, and make frequent journeys to Bedford, the only journies I now take, or ever expect to take. 

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most fascinating men who ever lived. In doing research for the Jefferson Davis film (a man who was actually named for Thomas Jefferson), we discovered a great deal about this man Jefferson and his political views, what he would have thought of the Southern Confederacy of states, and what he actually did think of the politics in the North, or, as it was known in his time, the East. We shall take the gloves off, and give an accurate portrait of our subject, free of all the political corrections so necessary to most documentary presentations. The documentary is tentatively entitled:

              "The Architect of Independence"

We shall begin our study near to home; Poplar Forest - in Bedford County, Virginia. 

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 Doug Coldwell, house photographer: Attribution Share-alike 3.0 Unported  The  portrait of Thomas Jefferson is in the public domain.